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Transportation by speedboat: Pulau Banyak Barat, Singkil, Nias, Simeulue

For all the travellers who have only limited time to visit Pulau Banyak or don’t want to waste time using unreliable public transport taking speedboat provides a time saving option, it is only according to weather conditions.

You also have the possibility to move forward to Nias or Simeulue directly from Haloban (Pulau Banyak Barat).

We in Haloban are working together with Mr. Has. He supplies following routes and prices:

  • Singkil-Haloban, Haloban-Singkil (one way): 2.100.000Rp (1-4 people), 2.650.000Rp (5-7 people)
  • Haloban-Simeulue, Simeulue-Haloban (one way): 4.800.000Rp (1-4 people), 5.300.000 (5-7 people)
  • Haloban-Nias, Nias-Haloban (one way): 4.800.000Rp (1-4 people), 5.300.000 (5-7 people)
  • Contact via What’s App:
    • Reka: +43 676 64 90 319
      Has: +62 822 7755 3932 ‭