Prices on Tailana

We have eight bungalows on Tailana.

Single: 100.000Rp

Double: 125.000Rp

Triple: 150.000Rp

Facilities: 125.000Rp per person which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, tee&coffee all the time, drinking water, fruits, electricity and laundry possibilities.

It means:

If you come alone: 225.000Rp per day/night

If you are two of you: 375.000Rp in total per day/night

If you are three of you: 525.000Rp in total per day/night


Bungalow on Tailana


Interior design





Everywhere dill around the cottages


Also the kings visit this place on foot…



Team of Tailana

I am really sorry but I can not update this article at the very moment. After Daswan, Rizki and me left the island, Mr. Mali built up a new team. He lives now on Tailana and his wife helps him day by day.

  • Mr. Mali – the owner and manager of Tailana Phone: 0813 60991595
  • Daswan – he was the manager before; we are waiting for his new project Phone: 0812 6431 2706
  • Herman – who brings you around the islands for snorkling, searching for turtles, dolphins and who plays gitarre in the evening
  • Erwin – Transportation; he is the one who connects Balai and Tailana Phone: 0853 59831515
  • Reka – I do what I can
  • Phone: 0821 65699220
  • Wa: +43 6766490319
  • How to get to Tailana?

    Wherever you are, Medan, Bukit Lawang, Banda Aceh, Pulau Weh, Ketambe, Padang, Bukittingi or Lake Toba we can help you to find transportation to Singkil, which is your stepping stone to get to Pulau Banyak:

    You can call Mr. Darmawan in Singkil directly, he has shared and private cars around Sumatra:

    Darmawan’s Phone:  0062 (0)821 66457040

    Darmawan’s Email: dmawan_

    Or you just contact the island directly by calling Mr. Mali: 0062 (0)813 60991595.

    From Singkil you have different possibilities to come to Tailana:

    • The old common way, which can take a very long time is to go to the harbour in Singkil and go by public boat to Pulau Balai, which is the first island in Pulau Banyak from Singkil. The cargo ships are leaving everyday except holidays between 9 o’clock in the morning and two o’clock in the afternoon – and we never know exactly when. The cruise takes around three to four hours and costs around 30.000Rp. If we know, you are on the way to Balai, somebody (mostly Erwin) from our team will waiting for you at the harbour. From Balai it takes around one and a half hours to come to Tailana by chartering a boat, it costs around 100.000Rp per person.
    • Twice a week there is a ferry from Singkil to Balai (Tuesday and Saturday). It costs 25.000Rp, it leaves at 11 o’clock in the morning and it takes around three and a half ours.
    • You can go first to Haloban which is the closest village to Tailana. This is the cheapest way! But only every two days goes a boat from Singkil to Haloban. It costs 50.000Rp. (Read more about Haloban above.)
    • You can charter a speed, which goes directly to Tailana. It’s always better to leave in the morning, it takes between one and a half and two hours and costs 1.800.000Rp.


    Harbour in Singkil

    Contact Pulau Tailana

    Pulau Tailana

    Manager: Mr. Mali

    Mr. Mali’s Phone: 0062 (0) 813 6099 1595

    Reka’s Phone: 0062 (0) 821 6569 9220

    What’s app: 0043 676 64 90 31


    On Facebook we have a group called Pulau Tailana, you are always welcome to join it.

    Pulau Tailana

    Pulau Banyak