Haloban – Homestay

Haloban, the still hidden fishing village, is the second most important place  (after Balai) of Pulau Banyak, the seat of the Pulau Banyak Barat District (PBB) and it is also our home. If you would like to come to the islands but you prefer to stay in a village our house is welcoming you, we have a small but clean guest room. It will be a simple homestay and from here you can make daily tours even overnight trips with camping possibilities to everywhere around Pulau Banyak. (See Activities around Tailana).

Midday heat in Haloban

There is also a losmen (Indonesian Guest House) in Haloban and you will find small food stalls and some stores to buy your daily needs as well.

If you arrive in Singkil there is every second day a boat from there directly to Haloban. It takes around five hours to get there. Actually Haloban is the closest village to Pulau Tailana. You can find transportation from Balai to Haloban as well but it could be difficult, better to call us before you arrive.

You can contact Daswan and me if you are heading for Pulau Banyak and Haloban.


  • Daswan’s Phone: 0062 (0) 812 6431 2706
  • Reka’s Phone: 0062 (0) 821 6569 9220, Whats App: 0043 676 6490 319
  • Email: smile.theworldsmiles@gmail.com

Haloban is the most important village already merged with Asantola on the biggest island of Pulau Banyak which called Pulau Tuangku, it is as mentioned above the seat of the Pulau Banyak Barat District (Western Pulau Banyak) with a population of around 1500 persons. The major sector of the local economy is fishing but it already has a high school. Actually, this village owns Bangkaru, the turtle island and Pulau Asok.

History of Haloban

in progress…

Daswan&Reka Homestay

Summer 2017 we renovated a small house furthermore extended it with a new kitchen and washing room. It is still an Indonesian style apartment and it only has the average standards of the village, which means amongst others no flush toilet, but we were focussing on cleanliness and brightness and it was important for us to make the it spatial.

Washing room
Our white toilet
The living room
The kitchen
Always smiling Daswan

At our homestay we offer you full service and can also help you to plan and organize your trips.

So if you would like to be part of our Indonesien life, welcome home!


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